My Bio

As someone who has owned eight dental practices over the last 12 years, I am passionate about helping other dentists become better business owners. 

I know firsthand that running a dental business can be both daunting and exhilarating, as it involves navigating through scary lows and celebrating great highs. Through my own experiences and expertise, I aim to guide and support other dentists on their journey towards achieving long-term success and fulfillment.

I am currently based in Vancouver, considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. In addition to mentoring dentists and their teams, I also serve as a Clinical and Educational Consultant to the Aurum Group and hold a position on the board of the American Academy Of Clear Aligners as a Key Opinion Leader.

My earliest childhood memory was almost drowning at sea while escaping communist Vietnam in 1986. I can still almost feel my uncle pulling me back into the moving boat by my hair. I was four years old at the time and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here at all.

My family and I stayed in a Malaysian refugee camp for two years before we immigrated to Canada.

For many years our family struggled with the Western culture. My mom, pregnant with my youngest sister, took the bus between two jobs.

My dad washed dishes at a small restaurant and the welfare system bought us time to get up on our feet.  It was all very different from the life we left behind. 

During my teenage years and throughout my undergraduate studies, I held various jobs in the sales and services industry. These experiences taught me the invaluable skill of handling pressure with grace, which is essential in the multitasking environment of sales and services. I also learned that while the customer isn't always right, there is a right way to handle difficult situations.

Getting into dental school wasn't easy, but I worked hard to achieve my goal. As a natural introvert, it took effort to put myself out there and share my voice and knowledge with other dentists.

Many dentists feel isolated and alone in their profession, with demanding patients, draining staff, and judgemental colleagues. There's a constant pressure to be busy to achieve success, which can add to these feelings of isolation.

However, thanks to the power of social media and online communities, dentists are standing together more than ever. There's a growing culture of giving and sharing knowledge and information, which is a positive change for the profession.

My dental journey...

As a mother, wife, and owner of multiple dental practices, I know how overwhelming it can be to balance it all. That's why I've learned to prioritize joy and say no to tasks that don't align with my passions.

My practices are designed with an exit strategy in mind, so that I can enjoy my work without feeling tied down.

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was inspired to start mentoring other dentists. Many reached out to me with questions and concerns during those uncertain times.

"How do I return to the 'new normal', how do I bring encouragement to my staff , how do I grow my practice" etc... 

It's fair to say these are the lessons dentists did not learn in dental school.

My goal is to share the knowledge I've learned and my real experiences so you can make any shifts you feel you need in your career. 

I can carry any conversation around:

  • leading your team with conviction and confidence
  • implementing marketing and sales strategies that can drive practice growth
  • communication and conversion of high value patients
  • establishing accountability and culture within your practice
  • developing systems and strategies to help you save time

Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

  • Communication & Conversion Lecture : Cerum Ortho ( August 2023)
  • How To Attract, Convert & Retain Today’s Dental Consumer : IAPA ( October 2023)
  • Communication & Conversion Masterclass : 2-Day Workshop (Toronto, ON November 2023)
  • How To Attract, Convert & Retain Today’s Dental Consumer : Seattle Study Club Symposium (January 2024)

Past Events & Speaking Engagements

  • Workshop (Houston, TX May 2023)
  • Communication & Conversion Lecture : 1-Day Lecture (Orange County, CA April 2023)
  • How To Attract & Retain Today's Dental Consumers : The Aurum Group Study Club ( March 2023)
  • Communication & Conversion Masterclass : 1-Day Workshop (Vancouver, B.C February 2023)
  • Communication & Conversion Masterclass : 1-Day Live Stream (February 2023)
  • Fix Your Case Acceptance Challenge : 3-Day Lecture (February 2023)
  • Communication & Conversion Masterclass : 1-Day Workshop (Dallas, TX November 2022)
  • How To Attract & Retain Today's Dental Consumers : Sunrise Dental Solutions
  • 100K Invisalign Day : Lecture (American Academy Of Clear Aligners July 2022)
  • 100K Invisalign Day Secrets : Webinar (American Academy Of Clear Aligners May 2022)
  • Marketing Your Next $100,000+ Invisalign Day (American Academy Of Clear Aligners April 2022)
  • How To Attract & Retain Today's Dental Consumers : Lecture
  • The Closing Act : Lecture (Cambridge November 2021)
  • 100K Invisalign Day : Lecture (American Academy Of Clear Aligners July 2021)
  • Case Acceptance Made Easy: PART TWO : (American Academy Of Clear Aligners April 2021)
  • Case Acceptance Made Easy: PART ONE : (American Academy Of Clear Aligners April 2021)
  • Three Key Marketing Concepts : (American Academy Of Clear Aligners September 2020)