Vancouver, British Columbia

Doctor + 1 Staff: $1997 (before July 31) 


Learning Objectives

This course is designed specifically for doctors and team members seeking to enhance their communication and case acceptance skills. 

We will cover a range of essential topics, including communication and conversion strategies with high-value patients, distinguishing between patients who are ready and who are not, confidently discussing financial matters, and effectively utilizing imagery and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to assist in treatment planning and presentation.

We also provide training on building a successful follow-up system and equip you and your team with full scripts on how to handle patient objections to dental treatment.

You will leave with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve your practice's case acceptance rates and grow your practice with no added work or stress.

Halifax, CANADA

By invite only

Learning Objectives

Join our two day conference sponsored by The Aurum Group.


What Doctors Are Saying...


Pharr, TX

“After the course, I wanted to fully immerse myself into their coaching program. I close higher value cases more regularly with confidence and ease.

I wish I took this type of CE earlier in my career."

Dr. G. Grigorgian

Los Angeles, CA

"Conversion is a big deal in their 1:1 coaching program. Identifying, communicating and presenting treatment plans to the right patients. Their Future Money concept is also a big aspect of what I do. I 100% recommend their coaching program and they’re amazing people!"

DR. F. Garcia

Houston, TX

“Great tips and valuable information. The doctors are very approachable and knowledgable. Thank you!

Dr. S. Shetty

Pewaukee, WI 

"Joining the coaching program at FGP was one of the best things I did for my practice. In just 4 months I had 200% return with implementing just one thing. I recommend this for anyone whether just starting from scratch or a very well established practice."

DR. I. Castro

Los Angeles, CA

“Drs. Jeal and Nguyen have 'cracked the code' of what effective marketing and conversion should be. This is a MUST COURSE if you want to grow your business the right and smart way."

Dr. J Hulse

Austin, TX

"What really impressed me about BT and Nate is how generous they were. They didn't hold anything back. They gave all the "secrets" and now my practice is thriving."